From 1992 we are offering various services on the field of international and inland transport of various types of cargo. Also we are concerned with transport of dangerous cargo, marked ADR. We specialize mainly on carload freights by semitrailer units with the weight of cargo up to 24,5t and capacity of 100m3.

We are offering a proposal of most efficient logistic flow of cargo, export, import or supplies. Transport is being performed by our own vehicles, safety is increased by trained and experienced employees. Vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring, which gives you 24 hour info about exact location of Your cargo. If desired, we can arrange parking on supervised carparks. Semi-trailers fulfills also german safety norms XL... Regularly we invest in modern and reliable transport technology, to fulfill dependable and efective transport.


Our strong features

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Efectivity
  • Safety
  • Speed
  • High level of custom service and company culture
To fulfill your satisfaction we transport:
  • Various types of cargou p to 24,5t and 100m3
  • Safe transport of dangerous cargo labeled ADR – inland or internationally

We Offer

  • Services of experienced, trained and reliable empolyees
  • Reliable and modern ecologic carpark
  • Safety of supplies (GPS, XL certificate, supervised carparks)


In early 80´s Štefan Hochel had worked as a professional driver. The desire for owning his own company had steered him into the point of creating his own company with the help of his wife in 1992, they have created transport company called Štefan Hochel – Road Transport Hochel Further the company grew with the number of satisfied customers. Finally the company was joined by two sons and transform itself in 2001 to Limited Company HOCHEL ltd.